Sunday, July 29, 2012

Human Rights and Action Updates

 A few items for your attention in this week's Human Rights blog:
 An urgent action from China on an ongoing persecution case that
 Amnesty has come out on several times.  On 27 July, a Beijing court overturned the sentence of housing rights activist and former lawyer Ni Yulan on a fraud charge. However, the court upheld her and her husband Dong Jiqin’s sentences for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”, criminalized in Article 293 of China’s Criminal Law.
 Please take up the Urgent Action.

 Eric Lee is with us again on two cases of workers being fired and persecuted for
 applying their fundamental right to organize in a union.

 Thousands of young girls and women in the UK are at risk of female genital mutilation every year. Last month, a Sunday Times investigation revealed that undercover reporters had filmed a “respected dentist” and an “alternative medicine practitioner” offering to perform this operation right here in the UK. Since the article’s publication, there have been two arrests.  This is shocking.

You do not have to be from the UK to join this AVAAZ petition.

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