Thursday, December 20, 2012

Human Rights Action update December 15-20

Miriam 1947-2012, Human Rights Defender

We start with a death penalty case in China.  Indeed, the condemned is apparently a recidivist drug dealer and we have scant patience or regard for such people.  Nevertheless, as people who oppose the death penalty in principle for all cases, we should protest and ask for clemency. You will need to click on the download button to get the text of the UA.  I have also provided a template letter.

In India we have a human rights defender in danger of torture.  Aparna Marandi, a long-time Dalit rights defender who has been repeatedly targeted by the state government for her activities, was arrested on 8 December.

Days ago, 7 year-old Fatimah died of dehydration, cast out and neglected by her home country of Burma. And she’s not alone -- thousands of Rohingya Muslims are starving to death or even murdered because of their religion and ethnicity. But we can force Burma’s President to save the Rohingya.
Please act on the AVAAZ petition.
Now on to labor rights matters:
We start with a link that presents union busting activities in Turkey and Ecuador.  Please act, it just requires a few clicks..
In January 2012 a Make Fruit Fair appeal was launched in response to the sacking of Lester Freire Burgos, the newly elected General Secretary of the Los Alamos union, SITBA. Read more.
An Uzbek man has disappeared in Russia under suspicious circumstances that indicate that he may have been abducted by Uzbek agents.  He is in danger of torture in Uzbekhistan.

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