Thursday, March 28, 2013

Human Rights action update March 21-28

Miriam, human rights defender, 1947
In this Pesach/Easter week let us start with some good news on the human rights front. The Sultan of Oman has announced a  decision to pardon all activists and writers convicted last year for insulting the ruler, IT crimes and taking part in unauthorized protests.  We applaud this action and hope that it augers greater expansion of freedom of expression in Oman.

We again are called upon to speak up for indigenous  uncontacted people. These tribes have no immunity to our diseases and has history has taught us can be wiped out.  Please act on behalf of the Ayoreo tribe in Paraguay whose lands are being stolen by a subsidiary of Spanish construction company Grupo San José.

We have two egregious cases from Uzbekistan, one of which also involves Russia.  An Uzbekistani citizen has been returned from Russia apparently by force and is at risk of torture. Please act on behalf of  Azamatzhon Ermakov
The writer Mamadali Makhmudov faces a second prison term after serving a 14 year session.  Please write on his behalf as requested..

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