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Human rights action update Sept. 6-12

Miriam, human rights defender, 1947-2012

We start with a full text UA from the China Action Program of Amnesty. Please act.

UA: 243/13 Index: ASA 17/030/2013 China Date: 11 September 2013

Households risk imminent forced eviction
Six households in Bagou village, in Haidian district in Beijing are at risk of forced eviction on 14 September. The authorities have failed to provide the protections required and the residents are at risk of being rendered homeless.
On 9 September, the six households involving 28 people received a notice from the police to vacate their homes by 14 September. According to the notice, if they don’t vacate their homes in time, they will be evicted and their homes bulldozed according “to the law”. Authorities have failed to provide, opportunities for genuine consultation, adequate compensation and alternative housing, and fair legal remedies. Residents have also been harassed, threatened and beaten.
In 2003, approximately 6000 households in Bagou received news they would need to vacate the area as the local authorities had sold the land in their village to developers to build a ‘green belt’ around Beijing. After a series of acts of harassment and intimidation by the developers, most residents were forced to leave the area. Today, only six households remain.
The six households, who have been living in the area for generations, have legally challenged the eviction on a number of grounds including that the offers for compensation did not meet the standards set in the Land Administration Law and that, the developer had misrepresented the environmental assessment and built residential and commercial estates instead of the “green belt”. Their latest appeal submitted to the Beijing City Higher People’s Court on 19 November 2012 is currently under review.
The six remaining households include two physically disabled people, six elderly people and five children. In recent months, harassments of the residents has increased. Dozens of people in plain clothes and in police uniforms with riot gear have congregated at the village threatening to demolish the remaining houses.

Please write immediately in English, Chinese or your own language:
n Urging the authorities not to evict the people in Bagou village, Haidian district in Beijing while their appeal is pending in court and without following due process requirements including adequate notice and compensation.
n Urging the authorities to investigate and stop all acts of intimidation and harassment carried out both by state and non-state actors
n Urging the authorities to ensure that nobody is rendered homeless as a result of an eviction and those who cannot provide for themselves are provided adequate alternative housing.


Beijing Municipal People's Government Mayor
Wang Anshun Shizhang
Beijingshi Renmin Zhengfu
2 Zhengyilu, Dongchengqu
Beijingshi 100744
People's Republic of China
Fax: +86 10 84371700
Salutation: Dear Mayor

Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary
Guo Jinlong Shuji
Beijingshi Weiyuanhui
3 Taijichangdajie, Dongchengqu
Beijingshi 100743
People's Republic of China
Tel: +86 10 65121118 (Chinese only)
Salutation: Dear Secretary

And copies to:
Beijing Municipal No.1 Intermediate People’s Court
Ji Luohong Yuanzhang
16 Shijingshanlu, Shijingshanqu
Beijingshi 100040
People’s Republic of China
Tel: +86 10 6863 9038 (Chinese only)
Salutation: Dear President

Individuals Campaign Team

Email: /
Hotline: via switchboard (cannot be dialled from outside the building) (+44) 20 7413 5500 extension 5051

Please demand that the government of Slovakia put an end to discrimination against Roma children.
Vigil in front of Slovak embassy in London  to end segregation of Roma children © Amnesty International
Our friends at Amnesty Australia are calling our attention to past abuses in Sir Lanka and the refusal of the government to take responsibility. Please help a bereaved father obtain justice for his son who was murdered by security forces.  
Dr Manoharan © Amnesty International
Dr Manoharan's son was murdered by Sri Lankan security forces seven years ago © Amnesty International

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