Thursday, August 28, 2014

Human Rights Action Update August 21-27

Miriam, human rights defender.947-2012
Good news to start-  A death row inmate in China was acquitted and released after six years of appeals. It shows how important it is to abolish the death penalty worldwide.

Three community activists in the central state of Mexico were threatened by members of Antorcha Campesina, a movement with close ties to the ruling political party. The three activists were publicly sharing information that was critical of the movement and the municipal government. Their safety remains at risk. Please call for their protection.

The latest draft of the Mozambique Criminal Code was approved by the National Assembly (parliament) on 11 July. The Code is now with the President, who has to sign and promulgate it into law, however concerns still remain about certain provisions. Please call upon the government to improve the provisions protecting minors against sexual abuse.

On 25 July 2014, the President of LOT Polish Airlines has dismissed the vice-president of the ITF and ETF affiliated cabin crew union ZZPP, Andrzej Jeżewski. 
This is blatant union busting by a government-owned corporation. Please protest--this is an easy click and send.

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