Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Human Rights Action Update September 4-11

Miriam, human rights defendeer, 1947-2012

A mother of an activist is being threatened with deportation. Leyla Mohammad Ali al-Darmalalli, 66, who has been living in Kuwait for the past 40 years, is at risk of being deported to Egypt. Her children are Kuwaiti nationals. She is the mother of Abdullah Fairouz, a human rights activist who was unfairly convicted of having insulted the Amir of Kuwait, and initially sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. It is not clear if two years added later to his sentence are to be served concurrently or sequentially. She is a diabetic and confined to a wheelchair. Please act on her behalf.
Prisoner of conscience Liu Ping is being denied access to the medical treatment she
needs in detention, and there are serious concerns for her health. She is also at risk of
torture and other ill-treatment. Please join the outcry.

Bruised and battered: Help Alfreda get the justice she deserves © Amnesty International
Alfreda Disbarro has been arrested and tortured to extract a fake confession on trumped up charges. Amnesty has obtained an investigation. Please join the demand for justice for Alfreda.

Luis Cardenas, a union leader in Peru, was hospitalized after being beaten in the head with a rock.

A union leader was brutally beaten because of his activities. Please click to join the protest and demand for justice.

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