Friday, November 30, 2012

Human Right action update Nov.22-30

We hope people are acting in these requests.  We note that the blog is being read in many places around the world, apparently through Facebook and Twitter.  We hope the locals are reading and acting as well, but the cluster map does not show this.

The most urgent item on the world human rights agenda is the new law pending in the parliament of Uganda that would criminalize all homosexual activity up to and including the death penalty.  This law includes heterosexuals who help gays.  Please act quickly since the proponents want to get it enacted before Christmas.

The treatment of asylum seekers interned on a remote island by the Australian government is abysmal.  Please act to  protest and to demand proper treatment for them.

In India, the government is about to resume executions in the wake of the execution of the Pakistani terrorist. This is a regression away from the drive for abolition.  Please protest to the Indian government.
You may find a template letter.

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