Thursday, November 22, 2012

Updates Nov. 17-22

We start with hunger strikers in Turkey.  They are being denied medical care.  A template letter is available.
The faxes work.
Turkey Embassy , Israel

Rehov Ben Yehuda 1
Tel Aviv
 +972-3 517-1731 
 +972-3 517-6157 
+972-3 517-6303

We have a case of a persecuted journalist in Cuba.  I have put up a template letter.  There is no Cuban embassy here, alas. Thanks to the Belgian section for their UA site. It would be nice to have one here, but someone decided long ago that it is not important.

We have an action on child slave labor in the cotton fields of Uzbekhistan.

It comes up with my details, just erase them and fill in your own.  The labor action people are super user-friendly.

Musicians in Cameroon were attacked by police during a peaceful march.  Please act.

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