Thursday, June 27, 2013

Human Rights action update June 20-27

Miriam, human rights defender, 1947-2012

First, let us start with some good news from Australia.  Families of asylum seekers are being taken off Manus Island and brought to the Australian mainland.  Conditions there are terrible especially for children. Cheers to our friends from Amnesty Australia who organized the protests that brought this change about. It is not a total victory for human rights because politicians are still talking about offshore processing of asylum seekers.

A child on Manus Island draws of a better future. Image ©
A child on Manus Island draws of a better future. Images ©

The uprising in Turkey continues and with it the brutal repression by the regime. Turkish citizens continue to be beaten, unjustly detained, and abused by police forces amid massive protests. Please take action. 
All over Turkey the masses are rising to defend the idea of a secular democracy as envisioned by the founders of modern Turkey. We recommend this analysis article. 

The Israeli government, to our great shame, has banned a children's puppet show festival  in East Jerusalem. Hundreds of Israelis and others have signed a petition calling on the Minister of Internal Security to back down. Please join. If the site comes up with my details, simply erase and put in your own. Sometimes these sites are overly user friendly.

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