Thursday, June 13, 2013

Human Rights Action Update June 7-13

Miriam, human rights defender, 1947-2012

Corrigendum--last week the link to the Nigerian death sentence post by Amnesty was left out by mistake. We have sent out a correction, but here it is again.
It comes from AI Switzerland and appears in German. There is a language button to switch to English or French.

If you use Twitter, please click on this link to tweet your outrage and solidarity. Thank you, Eric Lee.

We have discovered that someone has apparently hacked the Urgent Action site of Amnesty International with respect to Colombia and the UA's that were lined up for this week have vanished. In the meantime, we refer you to a petition on behalf of the women of Afghanistan posted by AI Australia. Although we are not Australians (are there any Aussie readers here?), but we can all sign on to this action.

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