Thursday, November 7, 2013

Human Rights Action update Nov. 1-7

Miriam, human rights defender, 1947-2012
We have an update on the case of the human rights defender Cao Shunli who is in detention for her
human rights activities. A template letter to the authorities is provided Feel free to edit and personalize it. While we have acted on her behalf in the recent past, Amnesty International is calling on all of us to keep up the pressure on the Chinese authorities with respect to Cao Shunli. Please help put in this terrible case.

Human rights defender Kyaw Hla Aung remains arbitrarily detained in Myanmar over three months after he was arrested in connection with his peaceful activities. He has been charged with multiple offenses and is facing a lengthy prison sentence. There are serious concerns regarding his lack of access to his lawyer. Please act.  A template letter is available which you may edit and personalize.

 Human rights abuses by the Chinese government continue unabated in Tibet. 
 China’s leaders are mounting an intense campaign to draw a veil over their rights abuses and persuade governments to vote them onto the UN Human Rights Council. So if enough of us shine a light on what’s going on in Tibet -- squashing an ancient religion, banning journalists, dawn arrests --we can get China to back away from its hard-line policy in order to be sure of getting the 97 votes it needs. Please sign the AVAAZ petition.

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