Thursday, November 28, 2013

Human Rights Action Update Nov. 22-28

Miriam, human rights defender, 1947-2012

We have in the past called for action to obtain justice for Miriam Lopez who was raped by Mexican soldiers and then held for seven months on false charges. She had the courage to complain, but nothing has been done. Our friends from Amnesty Australia are running a campaign for her. Let us all join them.  It is a good idea to send a copy to your local Mexican embassy. As AI Australia write on their site:

Without your help, Miriam will not receive the justice she deserves for the awful crimes committed against her.

On Human Rights Day, 10 December, we will close this action and present all your names to Jesús Murillo Karam, Mexico’s Federal Attorney General. It will mark two years that Miriam has been waiting for justice.
In our experience, emails can be go down when flooded with actions from around the world. Take action and send your email now to Jesús Murillo Karam.
Miriam Lopez, LWM 2013 stamp artwork
Demand justice for Miriam López © Amnesty International


The plight of the Awa people in Brazil has attracted major media attention. They have been recently featured in both Vanity Fair and the Sunday Times. The result has been 55,000 letters to the Brazilian authorities and suddenly they have become a priority.
STANDING TALL Awá men and boys, in the Território Indígena Awá, in the Brazilian Amazon.

We applaud the media celebrities who have joined this campaign and are proud to have been part of it. We shall continue to monitor this action. We invite you to display the Awaicon. 
Brazil: Save the Awá 

 In Morocco a girl who has been raped is forced by law to marry her rapist. This of course condemns her to a life of misery at the mercy of a man who attacked her and will continue to do so.  Please sign a petition to put an end to this terrible practice.
End Moroccan Laws Requiring Women To Marry Their Rapists

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