Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Human Rights Action Update Nov. 15-21

Miriam, human rights defender, 1947-2012
Sixty families from two rural communities in the state of Maranhão, northeast Brazil, were left homeless and landless after being forcibly evicted by Maranhão police. The community Campo da Bandeira has also been threatened and intimidated by gunmen patrolling the area. Four community leaders have been “marked down for death”. Please act on this issue. A template letter to the Brazilian authorities is available for personalized editing on your part.

Acts of intimidation are being carried out and false charges are being raised against labor activists in Mexico. Please protest and demand the dropping of the charges. If the form comes up with my details, just erase them and put in your own. The site can be too user-friendly at times.

Australian-based manufacturer of medical gloves and condoms, Ansell continues to attack its workers. Suspending striking trade union members in Sri Lanka and replacing them with contracted scabs puts a bad stain on Ansell’s products that are exported throughout the world. Please join this campaign here. Also please send the solidarity message to our sisters and brothers in the free trade zone of Sir Lanka.


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